When does Organisational Change Happen?

There are two things that are true in the world of business. The first is that things change. A business may have new systems implemented and management staff will change and all kinds of things like this. The other is that the average person does not like change and some will actively resist change. The problem this presents is that growing a business can become very difficult. Growing a business requires a certain amount of change but the employees may resist that change and so inhibit the growth of the business. As a business owner, you need to know when change is going to happen and potentially be an issue so that you can prepare for it through hiring a change management company to help you. Here are a few examples of situations that may encounter resistance as a result of the change that they represent.

Software System implementation

This is one of the more common instances of organisational change that you may encounter as a business owner. As a business grows it may need some processes computerised instead of having them done manually. This could include ordering, invoicing and doing the accounts along with many other processes that can be done manually. Computerising these processes will require the implementation of a software system that may be custom developed and your employees will need to learn how to use this computer system. Some employees may not want to change from the manual system and others may have trouble with working on computers. You will need to smooth the transition process for these employees.

Management change

Although your management staff are generally the most permanent people in the company, they will change from time to time. You may also implement new procedures that require additional management roles. Your employees may not appreciate this change. They will be comfortable with the way things were and may not like the way that the new management staff run things and they may not like the new processes. This is another time that you will need to make sure that your employees are aware of why the change is happening and what is expected of them so that they do not feel overwhelmed and deserted during the change process.

Process change

As a business grows it may need to introduce new departments and divide tasks up between employees. This leads to a change in how orders and that kind of thing are processed. Employees who used to have a lot of responsibility may want to hang onto that responsibility and may resist the change that you are trying to implement. You will need to ensure that they still feel important and needed so that you do not lose important employees.

As you can see, organisational change happens a great deal more than you would think. Things that most business owners would not even consider to be traumatic can be very difficult for employees to come to terms with. If you are going to be going through change in your business then make sure that you handle it properly!